Keangnam is one of the most modern buildings in Vietnam. EtonHouse International Kindergarten Hanoi on the 3rd floor of Keangnam Landmark is over 1,000 sqm, totally refitted to offer a total of 10 classrooms which include a library and a music & movement room.

We believe that the learning environment is a “third teacher” for children. Therefore we want to offer a stimulating learning environment for children through well-equipped classrooms, a well-resourced library and a music & movement room. We also have a multipurpose hall for dining and school performances.

Outdoor facilities include an attractive playground area on the 5th floor with protected fences, and a swimming pool.

 Types of Facilities  Venue  Average Size of Classroom  Capacity
(No. of Students)
 Classroom 1  1st Level  45 sq m  20
 Classroom 2  1st Level  41 sq m  20
 Classroom 3  1st Level  41 sq m  20
 Classroom 4  1st Level  43 sq m  20
 Classroom 5  1st Level  47.5 sq m 20
 Classroom 6  2nd Level  46 sq m 20
 Classroom 7  2nd Level  43 sq m 20
 Classroom 8  2nd Level  47.5 sq m 20
 Library  1st Level  41 sq m
 Music and Movement room  2nd Level  170 sq m 120

The Campus includes:

  • Large, well-equipped classrooms
  • A well-resourced library
  • A constructed multipurpose hall for dining and school performances
  • Specialist teaching programmes in Art, Music, Physical Education and Information Computer Technology.
  • Music, Art room
  • Swimming pool
  • A playground in 5th floor
  • Shaded playground equipment
  • An extensive Extra Curricular Activities programme

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