From Ms. Leean Woodland – Principal of EtonHouse Hanoi

Dear Parents,
What a wonderful term for the children and their teachers. The teachers have enjoyed seeing the children‘s happy progress and it is a delight to see the children run into school every day, gaining more and more knowledge, skills and confidence.In this month‘s issue you can read each teacher‘s articles about their class Inquiry, with many fascinating photos of all the children. Read too about the children‘s progress and great enjoyment in the Vietnamese classes, for children who attend these classes This month we also welcome our new additional teacher for Ms. Shannon‘s class, a lovely kind lady by the name of Ms. Oanh.

Ms. Shannon‘s class also has 1 volunteer teachers who are gaining work experience as interns and so the children have lots of
undivided and welcome attention!As our school grows we will continue to expand our team size and I will keep you informed of any changes. Ms. Morlin‘s class also has another additional teacher named Ms. Hao, who is another delightful member of our team. Many other changes are happening as a result of our increasing size, for example the 2 younger classes now go on a separate weekly excursion from the 2 older classes, not only because of the practicalities, such as the number of seats on the school bus, but to take care of the children‘s health and safety as well. There is also a separate dining area for the older children now although the whole school does still come together as one big group on a Friday afternoon in our very large Music and Movement Room, where they have special activities.Thank you to the mums for their feedback and valuable input about the Excursion Consent Forms and on other matters which the mums have discussed individually. The useful suggestions and care from the mums has given me an idea to possible start a Teacher – Parent Association, having regular meetings together, with a few mums as representatives. Do please give me some feedback on this idea. Thank you for attending the recent Teacher- Parent meetings too, regarding the children‘s progress. Feedback from the mums so far show that parents are very pleased with the evidenced progress. Do please keep looking at the children‘s displays of work in the classrooms whenever you visit and please feel free to come and see me or the teachers at any time,I wish you all a very happy and joyful vacation.
Kind regards.
Leean Woodland
Principal and Preschool Director
EtonHouse International Kindergarten, Hanoi


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